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Uzhhorod National University
About the University:

Uzhhorod National University is the state's higher education institute which is recognized as the classic medical school in Ukraine. The institute holds the fourth grade, which is the highest accreditation level of the Ukraine and its main aim is to accomplish the status of a medical research university. Uzhhorod National University strictly follows the laws of Ukraine government in terms of education and accommodations. The university persists its place under the top 10 medical universities of Ukraine.For students who wish to apply for foreign medical schools and seeking the cheapest medical schools, Uzhhorod National Medical University is the best option for them.

Our University flourishes with 144 doctors, 694 candidates,

MBBS (Tuition Fee)
1st Years: 3800$
2nd to 6th Year: 3800$
MBBS (Hostel)
1st Years: 800$
2nd to 6th Year: 800$

12 lecturers, two members from National Science Academy supported by our highly experienced professors and associate professors. Every year, more than 40 dissertations are submitted by the scientists of our university. We train more than 300 Postgraduate students in 53 specialties every year.

Uzhhorod National University accomplishes nearly 30 medical conferences which are supported worldwide every year. Thousands of journals and articles based on scientific and medical are published. Our conferences come up with some of the current health issues and diseases. We are focusing on some tough medical terms and diseases and remedies to control them. Thousands of participants from all corners of the world join the conference every year making our conferences successful.

Why Uzhhorod National University?

Being one of the top-ranked universities in Ukraine it becomes the best Choice for Indian students to pursue their MBBS degree here.

It has got the accreditation of some of the top medical councils of many of the countries which mean the medical degree from this university is recognized worldwide.

The tuition fee charged for the MBBS course in this university is way much affordable compared to other European countries and universities.

The availability of the Indian food and the friendly environment of the students and staff makes Indian students feel at home.

The qualified teaching staff and the education quality level is another reason students prefer the Uzhhorod National Medical University.

University has affiliated hospitals and high-quality types of equipment which help students in better understanding and internships become more practical.


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