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Russia is a country spanning Europe and Asia. The capital of Russia is Moscow. The economy of the country has a mix of upper & middle-class income. It is culturally diverse thus, providing high-quality education in such a diverse environment to international students. It has free education for all its citizens. The most educated population of the world is in Russia. More than half of the population has higher education qualifications.


Russia has enormous size and many areas away from the sea result in the dominance of the humid continental climate. There are only two distinct seasons throughout the territory- winter and summer. The autumn and spring season is there for a brief period when there is the change of extremely low and high temperature.


  • Students can choose from 741 universities in the country.
  • No Donation
  • No entrance tests like IELTS, TOEFL are required.
  • The Fee is low compared to other countries.
  • In Russia, the MBBS degree is recognized by WHO and NMC.
  • Fields of study in various academic schools have an emphasis on science and technology.
  • Taught in English language and the duration is 6 years.
  • Most universities provide their dormitories with low-cost accommodation.
  • Medical, Mathematical, Scientific, and Aerospace research is high in the
  • order.
  • It also provides a free tuition fee to foreign citizens through scholarships.
  • Well-equipped laboratories, scientific centers, and study facilities are there in the Universities.
  • Universities also have their own sports facilities, and it is a great opportunity to involve students in sports.
  • Medical insurance is also provided to students and can get treated whenever required.