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Mr. Ram Sagar Sharma

The secret of success and happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one has to do. We must live for something, have a purpose and keep that purpose in view. Be brave, be strong and display courage. The safest place for a ship is the shore, but in order to move in the right direction, one needs to be mentored and guided well, because strong determination, with proper guidance, is the perfect recipe for a successful career. Runfast Medical EducarePvt.Ltd. As running from the year 2018, we have spread out our work through all INDIA, we believe that our success is defined by the quality of executives. We recommend, and by the contributions, these executives make to the clients we serve. One of our core strengths is building long-term relationships with our People. We work here for the upcoming engineers, doctors, HR, etc… In this respect, not only medical care but also clinical innovations are important. India has always been recognized as a niche knowledge hub. This has led to greater agility among the Indian talent pool to handle global operations.

Mr. Ram Sagar Sharma

Mr. Ram Sagar Sharma.
Founder, RME PVT.LTD, Associate Patner Representative of Universities,LIC Advisor