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Travel & Post Landing Support

We understand that many of you will be traveling abroad for the first time and therefore we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you reach your college/university without any difficulty. We also advise you about what and what not to carry.

From one home to another, RUNFAST MEDICAL EDUCARE at your service! We are partners with leading service providers, which will take care of the travel needs of student including air tickets, foreign exchange and terminal pickup.

Our Post Landing Support
  • Meeting of the batch of students and our representative in the destination country.
  • On arrival greetings and briefing.
  • Transfer of students from the airport to the university/hostel.
  • Arranging the accommodation and basic necessities to make our students comfortable in their hostel/accommodation.
  • On arrival lunch/dinner in the hostel.
  • Making sure that each student contacts his/her parents/guardians of their safe travel and arrival.
  • Helping the student fill up the necessary documents for their completion of admission process.
  • Helping the student in payment of tuition fee.
  • Helping the student in obtaining his residence permit in the country of his university and helping him with obtaining all the necessary documents for the same including medical insurances, medical checkups etc.
  • Initial orientation of the student in the new country/city with a small tour.
  • Providing student with SIM cards and providing their parents/guardians with their contact numbers.
  • Being there for the student during his initial acclimatization to the new country/university.
  • Explaining the candidate his rights and duties in the new country once again.


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