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It is often said a profession chooses its candidate and not vice versa, likewise, medicine chooses its prodigy. You have to have the calling to be a doctor, have the urge to be the singular beacon of hope for the despair and sick. The responsibilities that come along with being a doctor are overwhelming; you are the deciding factor between a person's life and death. The implications of your decisions shall fabricate the path of someone's living, yet "to err is human, to forgive is divine".

Medical abroad is both rewarding and intensive. It exposes you to the true and stark reality of clinical medicine along with all its features. Ukraine follows the European Educational Reforms also known as the Bologna Process. The undergraduate medical course is devoted to 6 years and at the end of which you shall be awarded the coveted MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree. The degree allows you to practice all over the world given you qualify in their internal licensing examination which is standard for all applicants no matter their country of origin.

During the MBBS program you shall be trained and mentored to have a clinical outlook and understanding of all forms of undergraduate medicine. You shall be exposed to the ever changing world of Medical, which is almost alive with the renewed vigor of innovation and discoveries. It is your chance to be a part of the exciting journey called medicine, a journey that will enable you not only to become a master of your own but as an example to your keens.