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Career Counseling

It is very important for a student to understand which course is best suitable for him. RUNFAST MEDICAL EDUCARE is one of the best consultancy services that give overseas education counselling. It helps student in making appropriate selection of a university that will further prepare a student to make correct decision of life. We capitalize on our experience and expertise to familiarize students with the best colleges and courses that will inculcate the competency level in them.

Our Counseling Objectives
  • To explore the candidate's real inclination for a particular course.
  • To explain all the career options and trace a career path with all the array of options available for him both during and after the course.
  • To present the candidate with options in terms of Universities offering the course of his/her choice of interest all over the world.
  • To explain the pros and cons of each country/university.
  • To provide complete information about the selected course offered at the selected university.
  • To explain the student all his rights and duties in the country of his choice during his studies in the university of his choice.
  • To explain career prospective after pursuing the selected course at the selected university.
  • To explain financial terms and conditions of the selected course to the student & parent/guardian.
  • To make sure both the student and parents/ guardians understand all the presented information about the preferred course, university and the country.
  • To obtain student's, parent/guardian consent for the chosen university/course and help the student to start his application for his higher education abroad.


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